DT Kate Costigan and OT Sally Crawford with Hunters Hill Resident Amelia Carter
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Supporting Dementia

Montefiore Home is a leader in providing special care services and facilities to address the needs of the growing number of residents suffering from dementia or other cognitive impairment:

  • Montefiore works in collaboration with the University of New South Wales Centre for Healthy Brain Ageing (CHeBA) which has a focus on healthy ageing to enable Australians to lead active, productive and fulfilling lives. CHeBA is Co-Directed by Montefiore Ambassador, Scientia Professor Henry Brodaty AO
  • We have implemented a Dementia Crisis Response program, which is an integrated strategy to provide dementia-specific infrastructure and preventative research
  • The Home’s advanced, moderate and mild Dementia units at Randwick and Hunters Hill have been designed to support the use of smaller spaces, maintaining a friendly and protected home-like environment in accordance with international best practice standards
  • Our innovative Neighbourhood model further supports dementia care by providing comfort and familiarity to those with cognitive impairment
  • All lounges and dining areas located within the Special Care Units are smaller and more domestic in nature. Dining areas typically accommodate around 15 residents each, providing for higher levels of support and enhancing resident comfort and sense of security
  • Activity programs are specifically designed to meet the needs of residents in either the early or late stages of dementia.

Learn more about Dementia by visiting Alzheimer’s Australia