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Allied Health

Montefiore offers 360 degree care with over 200 Allied Health professionals on our staff, such as Physios, Social Workers and Creative Therapists, no aged care facility offers more complete care. Our Allied Health team have been recognised with multiple awards over the years.

Montefiore-Home-Aromatherapy Aromatherapy

Through the use of essential oils, and other aroma compounds our Aromatherapists assist in residents/clients mood, cognitive, psychological or physical well-being.

Montefiore Home Clinical Psychology Clinical Psychology

Available by referral.

Montefiore-Home-Creative-Therapy Creative Therapy

Music, Dance/Movement and Art Therapy are used extensively across the Home. 

Montefiore-Home-Dental-Services Dental Services

Our Randwick Campus boasts a fully equipped dental clinic managed by our Dental Hygienist and visiting Dentists. At Hunters Hill, a visiting dental clinic provides regular assessment and treatment plans.

Montefiore-Home-Dietetics Dietetics

Dietitians and Dietary Coordinators assist with nutrition and hydration needs including special diets and assessments.

Montefiore-Home-Diversional-Therapy-Leisure-and-Lifestyle-Activities Diversional Therapists / Leisure and Lifestyle

Comprehensive recreation and lifestyle programs are available such as art classes, cooking, crafts, gardening, exercises, dance and music therapy and a men’s club just to name a few. Various themes days, movie nights, happy hour, musical and other artistic performances, discussion forums, concerts, professional speakers, outings and other events are also popular with our residents.

Montefiore-Home-Hydrotherapy Hydrotherapy

From one-on-one to group sessions, our on-site Hydrotherapy pools at Randwick and Hunters Hill provided state of the art aquatic physiotherapy.

Montefiore-Home-Massage-Therapy Massage Therapy

Massage services assist in enhancing a person's health and well-being.

Montefiore-Home-Occupational-Therapy Occupational Therapy

Helps maximise independence and safety in managing daily self-care tasks including showering, dressing and feeding. They also assess functional needs to provide strategies and training, as well as prescribe equipment, including supportive seating, wheelchairs and pressure relief technologies

Montefiore-Home-Optometry Optometry

Available by referral.

Montefiore-Home-Physiotherapy Physiotherapy

Provides a range of exercise programs and interventions, including Aquatic Physiotherapy (Hydrotherapy) and the Helsinki Wellness Program utilising our HUR equipment.

Montefiore-Home-Podiatry Podiatry

Available based on assessed needs, Podiatry helps in the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of foot diseases.

Montefiore-Home-Reflexology Reflexology

Helps relieve tension and treat illness through various reflex points of the body.

Montefiore-Home-Social-Workers Social Workers

Our dedicated Social Workers act as counsellors, advocates, case managers, information providers and service co-ordinators, providing support to residents/clients, families and staff.

Montefiore-Home-Speech-Pathology Speech Pathology

Assist in the treatment and communication of speech and swallowing difficulties.

Montefiore Home Awards Awards

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Montefiore Home Testimonials Testimonials

“The Nurses, Physiotherapists, Social Workers work endlessly to provide the elderly’s physical and emotional needs.”
Family member of a resident

I write to acknowledge my gratitude to all the staff involved in the care of my parents, Mimi and Sam Carmon, over these last four years, and I’d like to single out several groups for particular praise.
My deep thanks to the Social Work Department, especially Jennifer Jacobs, who looked after my father (and me too, on many occasions).
A special thank you to the OT Department. Nicole Melwani undertook several interventions, especially the installation of a very high-tech air mattress, which made a significant difference to my father’s quality of life in the last few weeks of his life.
Albert Carmon

I am writing to congratulate your amazing organisation and specially your dedicated people.
I am a first time ‘user’ of your magnificent facility, having assisted my elderly aunt, Joy Balkind, apply, be assessed and then settle in.
Joanne Jankelowitz, your Social Worker of Monte Terraces visited my elderly aunt whilst she was ACAT assessed and confined to St Vincent’s hospital, to meet her, assess her and to decide where she may best be accommodated. Joanne was friendly, thorough and professional. On admission to Monte, she assisted my aunt to settle in.
Joanne has continued to be the constructive and encouraging light to my aunt, as she resisted and found it hard going settling in and accepting where she was. But Joanne’s happy, accommodating (within reason) and encouraging nature, guided by her astute observations and enormous experience, 6 months later has won the day.
David Kessler

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