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Hunters Hill

To all the kind staff at Montefiore Home, Hunters Hill
As you would be aware, our beautiful mother, Bella Miniewski, died on 6 July.
She was a resident at Hunters Hill from 20 July 2010, initially in the Hostel section. On 12 October 2014, after fracturing her hip, she required high care and was moved to Ariel. In total, Montefiore Hunters Hill was her home for 6 years.
Bella had always taken pride in the way she appeared. Photos taken straight after the war and early days in Australia show an elegant, confident woman. After moving into Montefiore, she continued to make sure she was dressed and groomed well. This continued right to the end with the help of all the wonderful nurses, physiotherapists, hairdresser and manicurists.
Dina and I and our families thank you, all the wonderful, amazing Montefiore family who assisted at various times in looking after Bella – too many to mention by name. Because of all of you, her last few years were happy. After the trials of the last month, she is now at peace.
We can’t forget to also thank you for looking after us the last couple of weeks when we were at Bella’s bedside for many hours each day. Your kindness and care for us was greatly appreciated.
Thank you all so much for everything. We are forever grateful.

Dina Sofer, Mary Emanuel and families


Dad is so very happy and comfortable at Randwick SCU and loves all the Nursing staff and knows all their names. I am a manager, RN in aged care myself and know how truly good the nursing care is here at Montefiore. The family say a big thank you to you all. G-d bless you too.

Testimonial from Randwick Resident Helen Zwarenstein
Helen Zwarenstein, Randwick resident

Allied Health

“The Nurses, Physiotherapists, Social Workers work endlessly to provide the elderly’s physical and emotional needs.”
Family member of a resident

I write to acknowledge my gratitude to all the staff involved in the care of my parents, Mimi and Sam Carmon, over these last four years, and I’d like to single out several groups for particular praise.
My deep thanks to the Social Work Department, especially Jennifer Jacobs, who looked after my father (and me too, on many occasions).
A special thank you to the OT Department. Nicole Melwani undertook several interventions, especially the installation of a very high-tech air mattress, which made a significant difference to my father’s quality of life in the last few weeks of his life.
Albert Carmon

I am writing to congratulate your amazing organisation and specially your dedicated people.
I am a first time ‘user’ of your magnificent facility, having assisted my elderly aunt, Joy Balkind, apply, be assessed and then settle in.
Joanne Jankelowitz, your Social Worker of Monte Terraces visited my elderly aunt whilst she was ACAT assessed and confined to St Vincent’s hospital, to meet her, assess her and to decide where she may best be accommodated. Joanne was friendly, thorough and professional. On admission to Monte, she assisted my aunt to settle in.
Joanne has continued to be the constructive and encouraging light to my aunt, as she resisted and found it hard going settling in and accepting where she was. But Joanne’s happy, accommodating (within reason) and encouraging nature, guided by her astute observations and enormous experience, 6 months later has won the day.
David Kessler

Clinical Services

Dear Management & staff of Montefiore Home, Randwick
Recently our mother Hannah Meyer passed away peacefully at your Home.
Unfortunately shortly after her arrival Hannah fell gravely ill and spent the next two months after Pesach slowly slipping away.
It was during this period that Hannah and ourselves received what can only be described as the royal treatment. We do not have enough praise to compliment the staff of the Lavender Wing on Level 4. Day after day and night after night they were on call, always with such warmth and always with a smile. They treated Hannah with such care and dignity. They treated us with such compassion.
We would also like to make mention of the attention and care afforded to our father, Pierre. Your staff realising it was an end of life situation, focused on our father. They counselled our father and made sure he had meals and was made to feel very comfortable in such a difficult situation. He benefited greatly from this attention. You can all be truly proud of your palliative care section and the way the staff run it.
Paul, Danny & Evelyn Meyer

Dining Experiences

Even when my wife cooked for me sometimes I didn’t like it. But here, when that happens you just turn the menu over and there is a whole new menu you can choose from.
The chefs come and talk to me and other residents when we’re having dinner, lunch and breakfast. They ask us what we like and they listen and want to make what we like.
I can tell they care. It means that management are never too far away. Overall, what is happening in our home is very positive.
NIcholas Halmay, Randwick resident

Jewish Culture & Tradition

Participating with residents at the Shabbat service and appreciating their knowledge of Judaism and the lives they have led is fulfilling.
Peter Haneman, Volunteer

Monte Help@Home

Mum and I really appreciate everything you have done for her since she became unwell earlier this year. Therese, you have been an amazing support - so well organised and responsive to Mum’s needs. It has been an absolute pleasure working with you and your organisation and I know you have provided Mum great comfort and reassurance during her darkest hours. Your 24 hour availability has been an enormous assistance and I have nothing but praise for both you and your organisation in the work you do.
Thank you for sorting out the financial issues Thank you also for assisting Mum to get a recliner chair which I know she will really benefit from.

Family member of HomeCare client, Bondi

My mother trusts her home care help. She is kind and giving beyond her requirements. She is an amazing girl!! Thank you...she should be nominated for an award. She is mature, unflustered, giving and competent. I cannot talk highly enough of her.
HomeCare client, Bondi

I was Cinderella today. Had a most wonderful morning. Left here and met my daughter for a morning show of ‘The Theory of Everything’ which is an excellent movie. Then the best part was coming back to find my place vacuumed, mopped and the washing and ironing done – let alone that Dave was fed!! Unfortunately the clock struck midnight and I am back in my rags!!
Ruth is an absolute treasure. Please let me know when she is back again and when we will do the Wednesday ‘time out’. Hopefully she will be back for the 18th.
HomeCare client, St Ives

Montefiore Ladies’ Committee

I love being able to assist the residents with their purchases in the Boutique.
Annette Joseph

The satisfaction of seeing the enjoyment the residents get from my buying for the Boutique is second to none.
Wendy Engelander

It was wonderful to see the joy from the residents of Camelot Nursing Home when we held our first clothing stall there.
Railee Michelin

The camaraderie experienced within the Committee is exceptional. We have become good friends and love doing such great work for the residents.
Cathy Shapiro

I like sharing special moments with our residents and purchasing clothing and goodies that they enjoy from the ‘David Jones’ of Montefiore.
Faye Green

I enjoy the company of the ladies and feel I am giving back to the community.
Di Engelander

I enjoy working at the Boutique.
Alma Goldman

Seeing the excitement and appreciation on the residents’ faces when I find clothing on sale for them that they like is satisfying.
Sandra Rosen

Assisting in the Art Class at Hunters Hill is very rewarding. The residents are talented and love what they do - it is inspiring.
Roslyn Hart

Giving my time and energy to the Ladies’ Committee and the Boutique brings me fulfilment .
Carole Brickman

I love being involved with the Boutique. It’s fulfilling being part of the team and seeing the positive work being done.
Gloria Isaacs

I enjoy the interaction with the residents and staff in the Boutique and in the Volunteer Centre.
Hilary Fredman

It’s a lovely feeling knowing that I’ve put a little laughter and joy into the lives of our residents.
Judi Snider

I feel satisfied when the residents buy something and leave happy with their new purchase.
Lyn Kantor