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Residential Accommodation

For more information please contact:

Justine Spies, Residential Group Accommodation Manager
Montefiore Home Phone 02 8345 9135
Montefiore Home Email residential@montefiorehome.com.au

There are a few steps to arrange residential accommodation at Montefiore Home as shown below. However, before you do that, we recommend you watch this video first.

Montefiore Home Video  Video

Step 1: Aged Care Assessment

Before a resident can commence residency at Montefiore, they are required to obtain a detailed report from the Department of Social Services multi-disciplinary Aged Care Assessment Team (ACAT) in their area. This report is compiled by an Aged Care Assessor in the home environment of the prospective resident and may take up to 8 weeks to finalise, depending upon how busy their local ACAT may be.

This assessment may be organised by contacting the toll-free number Montefiore Home Phone 1800 200 422.

Step 2: Application for Residency

Submit your Application for Residency online.


Download our Application for Residency and Medical Evaluation forms

Download, post or fax forms to:
Residential Services Department
Montefiore Home
36 Dangar Street Randwick NSW 2031
Fax: 02 8345 9195

Step 3: Meeting to Arrange Residency

On receipt of these documents (Application for Residency, Aged Care Assessment (ACCR) and Medical Evaluation) the Residential Services Department will contact you when a suitable vacancy becomes available to arrange a private meeting to discuss residential accommodation for the prospective resident.