Montefiore Silver Ribbon Tea Club



Be involved in something great, something that matters, something powerful, something important!

After all it’s only a cup of tea

Join our Silver Ribbon Tea Club by donating the cost of a cup of tea a week or perhaps two cups of tea a week, to help us support CHeBA (The Centre for Healthy Brain Ageing) in its groundbreaking and vital work and thereby better the lives of our residents.

Montefiore recognised the importance of continuous research into the causes of Dementia and Alzheimer's which is the fastest growing disease in our aged population and established the Montefiore Chair of Healthy Brain Ageing with Scientia Professor Henry Brodaty AO at the helm.

When you join the Silver Ribbon Tea Club you will be part of an exclusive group of members who regularly receive newsletters with the latest on CHeBA’s work and how it relates to Montefiore Home as well as other innovations improving the care and services for our residents. You will be invited to a series of talks throughout the year which will be both educational and entertaining. You will be eligible to attend all future Silver Ribbon Tea Club events free of charge. And, you will feel proud that you are part of the team enabling the continuation of research for the benefit of us all.

Please click here to join and become our newest and most welcome Silver Ribbon Tea Club member!