Volunteer Testimonials

Participating with residents at the Shabbat service and appreciating their knowledge of Judaism and the lives they have led is fulfilling.
Peter Haneman

By donating my spare time, I feel I am assisting and giving back to the community.
Elizabeth Green

I love meeting the residents, interacting, laughing and helping to make a difference in their lives.
Craig Boss

I find volunteering extremely meaningful and rewarding
Angela Lipman

I like to see the smiles on the faces of some of the residents when they see me
Larry Jaeger

Bringing joy to old people and making a difference to their day gives me pleasure
Monica Ginsberg

I find it very satisfying to help out in some small capacity
Madeline Goodman

Making our lives have value
Sam Kutner OAM

I enjoy seeing the residents feeling valued and enjoy their friendship
Helene Gonski

I enjoy participating with the residents and sharing a kinship with them through prayer and inter-action
Michael Rosenfeld

Knowing that the time spent has been worthwhile and is appreciated, as evidenced by the residents' responses
David Rosenfeld

I like to see and hear the residents discover pleasure in reading poetry, to respond to its rhythms and images, and the stories that poems tell. I also like the way the group supports and helps each other during difficult times
Juliet Sheen

I enjoy the welcoming smiles on the faces of the residents when they arrive to have a manicure and the relationship I have created with many of them
Carole Sandberg

People are always so pleased to see me and are very appreciative
Rita Baynash

I am making a difference to the lives of the residents and I feel that I have made a contribution
Victor Baskir