Bequests and Endowments

We’ve put our hands up. Will you?

Joan and Dennis Rabinowitz
Audrey Goldberg
Rose Mautner
Robert Goot AM SC
Scientia Professor Henry Brodaty AO
Natalie Hersch

All have been so impressed with the standard of care services at the Montefiore Home that they have put their hands up to CONSIDER INCLUDING A BEQUEST TO THE MONTEFIORE IN THEIR WILL.


The Montefiore Home occupies a truly unique place within the Jewish Community. It is the only Jewish organisation in Sydney providing the full continuum of aged care services. We assist people to remain in their own home and, in the event that they require a higher level of support, provide residential care and accommodation at one of our outstanding Campuses. All of our care recipients receive the same standard of care, regardless of their financial capacity to pay. This is our benevolent charter.

We need your generosity because:

  • Almost 30% of the 740 elderly people living in our residential aged care Campuses are financially disadvantaged. Montefiore subsidises each of these residents by an average of $20,000 per annum due to the shortfall between income we receive and the cost of providing Montefiore’s high standard of care.
  • One in three of our residents are Holocaust survivors and deserve to receive additional support in recognition of their complex care needs.
  • We need to be able to respond to an ageing demographic where the number of people requiring aged care services is likely to double in the next 10 to 20 years. In the Jewish Community there are, on average, 5 new cases of dementia diagnosed every week, with most of them at some point requiring specialist care and accommodation.
  • We don’t receive any Government funding for the construction of aged accommodation that the community desperately needs.


If you decide to leave a bequest to the Montefiore Home you can choose to have that bequest allocated to a specific purpose such as to fund building work at a particular Campus or to support a particular program. If you do not specify its use, the Montefiore Home will use the bequest in a way that will best support its benevolent charter. This could include, but may not be limited to, using the bequest to support the provision of:

  • Highly skilled staff and staffing levels that exceed the industry norm.
  • A wide range of Allied health services to maintain well-being and quality of life.
  • Comfort and security of the highest standard.
  • Innovative programs that engage and stimulate.
  • Upgrading works at existing Campuses or the construction of much needed new accommodation.

We’ve also put our hands up. Will you?


A bequest is a provision made in your will for gifts or sums of money to be given to a cause or institution. It’s a personal way to positively impact an organisation you feel has a vital role to play in the community.

There are various ways to make a bequest including:

  • A stated sum of money
  • A proportion of your estate
  • A specific property or shares


Unlike a Bequest (which is a one-off gift) an Endowment is set up as a fund which is then invested. When necessary, the income generated by these funds is then used to support the fund’s purpose.
This purpose can either be a specific fund in your name, or the general ongoing support of the Montefiore Home.


An Endowment is another way to ensure the Montefiore Home provides unrivalled aged-care for our community. It allows us to support ongoing projects and direct funds towards such projects as the need arises. Establishing an Endowment is a visionary act of great importance and will support the future of the Montefiore Home for many years to come.

For further information regarding a bequest or endowment to the Montefiore please contact

Esther Wakerman
T: 02 8345 9110