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Marianne Van der Poorten

At 103, Marianne Van der Poorten modestly understates the effect her life has had on others. Her family, friends and the people she has supported over the years see her as having been a great influence and guiding force in their lives.

Born and raised in Amsterdam Holland, she married Dr David Van der Poorten in 1939 in a troubled and stormy Europe. They became involved in the Dutch resistance movement, falsifying medical reports and providing shelter in their home. During this time they had two children but when things turned ominous, gave them into safe custody of good friends and went into hiding. However, they were betrayed, found and deported to Theresienstadt where Marianne worked in a factory during the day and each evening helped to look after orphaned children.

After liberation they returned to Holland bringing back with them two of these orphaned child survivors. Marianne received a special award from Queen Julianna in recognition of her outstanding efforts to save lives during 1940 to 1945.

Marianne with her
daughter Rose Fekete

Her daughter Rose was born after the war and in 1951 the family immigrated to Australia where Marianne helped Dutch immigrants learn the language and integrate into society, whilst also raising funds for Israel, mainly through WIZO, recognising the importance of a Jewish homeland.

She has continued over all these years to mentor, help and support people selflessly when needed, being an excellent role model for her 5 grandchildren and 11 great grandchildren.

At 103, Marianne is still interested in current affairs, world politics and communal causes. With a sharp mind and a ready smile she is enjoying life and the fruits of her labours.

"Mum is so happy at Montefiore Woollahra and is so grateful and appreciative of the care she receives. Her quality of Life has been enhanced since coming to live here in 2015," states Rose.

Montefiore is honoured to provide Marianne the same dedication and care she gave to all those people she saved and helped over the years, enabling her to continue living her life with dignity and well being.


David Freeman AM

Message from the President

What an inspiring story and what an inspiring woman!

We at Montefiore are privileged to be able to offer Marianne the care, comfort and security she so richly deserves. All of our residents lives are enriched by the Montefiore Philosophy of Living through which we create an environment where people live the life they want to live. We offer them social, emotional, spiritual, intellectual and physical wellbeing along with an unparalleled standard of excellence in the area of clinical care, allied health and residential living.

Our residents are deserving of this and we are proud to say we continuously strive to develop and implement best practice in all aspects of care. With the support of our community, we can maintain the excellent services now and into the future to ensure people like Marianne will live the best Life possible.


  • More than 50% of our residents are full pensioners and cared for on a subsidised basis
  • 30% of our residents are Holocaust survivors
  • The average age of our residents is 87
  • We care for 740 residents at 4 campuses
  • We offer Allied Health services by specialists employed by Montefiore

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